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You can Post a Job for free & hire fresher in just 30 second. CareerRocks is among the most effective ten free job posting sites in india wherever 1000+ firms have listed their jobs. we tend to enable companies/employers/recruiters to post jobs free on our web site and do the method of planning and interviewing the proper candidates. CareerRocks brings quite easy and straightforward kind of job posting subscription. Recruiters will simply post the necessary details of the Job, and manage views and responses received from the candidates for the listed job posting through on-line from response manager . updating your jobs frequently can increase its visibility and freshers hire method by 3x. an easy end-to-end on-line automation tool assist you to post job and review multiple applications promptly. Recruiters will do free job ads postings in thirty seconds and save time by managing your announce jobs and candidates at CareerRocks. By posting job vacancies you may get access to our 1.5+ large integer resume info in order that you'll search resume for complimentary. From our "Post Jobs" page, employers can get such a lot of tools like free job posting, read & search resumes,send message, screen candidates, track & rate candidates and can give 100 percent guarantee satisfaction.

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